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Our Dogs

our dogs

Almars Juliet

Almars Juliet Camelot of Meadowland
Her pedigree:

Juliet 3 gen pedigree

royalty gold line

Fergie 1st place specialty win

Rosemar Jovans Royal Fergie, 1st place, CKCS Specialty

Fergie 3 point major win

Rosemar Jovans Royal Fergie
Winning a 3 point major
Her pedigree:

Fergie 3 gen ped

royalty gold line

Quigley posing


royalty gold line

Victoria 3 point major

Jovans Victorias Secret of Meadowland
Winning a 3 point major at the Meadowlands Supported Cavalier Show
Her pedigree:

Victoria 3 gen pedigree

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