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Shirley with blenheims

Victoria and Fergie


We are located in the beautiful garden state of New Jersey, in the town of East Rutherford. We have been successfully breeding and showing our dogs since 1990. Our first beloved breed was the beautiful Beagle in which we had bred over 50 champions--many shown in the Bred by Exhibitor class to their championships.

We started our love for Cavaliers in 2004 when my former employer had bought one--that was it, I was in love. Working as a veterinary technician for 25 years I told my employer one day I am going to get one of those beautiful sweet Cavaliers, and I did in 2007 after doing much research. Victoria stole our hearts and of course we bought another and another.

Our Cavaliers receive the royal treatment they so deserve and always sleep beside us. Our Cavaliers are health-tested-- tested for hearts and eyes annually and also tested for hips and patellas. We are an Award of Merit breeder always trying to breed better than what we have. Our puppies are very well socialized being exposed to different household noises, adults, teenagers and toddlers.

My granddaughter, Alyssa, also joined me on the show circuit for 6 years, competing in Best Junior in which she received 5 Best Junior awards. Our puppies are all registered with the AKC and the CKCSC, USA, Inc. I have belonged to the all-breed club since 1987, and was also show chairman for two years as well as corresponding secretary for 14 years. I am also a member of CKCSC, USA, Inc., our national club and our regional club, Cavaliers of the Northeast. Most of all we love our dogs and are proud of their truly compassionate company.  We would not have our household any other way.

Victoria 8 years old

My lovely Victoria will be 8 years old next month and still heart clear !!

Fergie 7 years old     Juliet

Fergie today seven years old so naturale!!!!
She photographs so well, 7years old and still heart clear !! !

Right: My Juliet 2 1/2years old. She tilted her head when I asked her if she wants to go in the pool,
a real spaniel water dog

Shirley and tri

Alyssa winning best junior

Alyssa wins Best Junior with Victoria

playing with puppies

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